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This is “Tattoo Machines 2024”! A hot tale born from a Munich café rendezvous.

Tattoo Artist @patrick.kabale, Designer and Photographer @neongrain sat together on a balmy late summer night when the trio decided to create a calendar paying homage to the cheeky allure of classic motorcycle calendars.

Patrick's tattooed clientele take center stage, the protagonists of this seductive saga set against the raw backdrop of the legendary „Crash Bike Garage“, a haven for Harley wonders.

Limited to only 150 pieces “Tattoo Machines” is a fictional journey through the realms of sensuality, motorcycles and tattoos, turning your 2024 into a hell of a ride. Get your "Tattoo Machines" calendar today for 10,- € at @kabale_club in munich or order here for 20,- € incl. shipping.

Tattoo Artist @patrick.kabale
Art Direction
Photography @neongrain

Location @crashbikegarage

Andi @andivonundzuluftschloss
Ben Zitek
Celine @nu.ttt.n
Emily @danngehdochey
Ferdi @mustbeferdi
Janina @janinafuckinggolik
Micha @el_divertido_amigo_deportivo
Pasta Parisa @pastaparisa
Samantha @saamlikesham